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Posted Date: 1/2/2013

Top Trends for Christmas 2013

The Christmas season is a premier time for holiday designers as festive styles reflect changing trends and fashion preferences. According to a recent study, “Christmas, Halloween and Holiday Decorations Report 2012,” by Unity Marketing, sales of Christmas decorations account for more than 60 percent of the $19 billion retail holiday decorations market. “When it comes to the decorations market, customers focus on what’s new, what’s different, what’s distinctive for each season,” says Pam Danziger, president of Unity Marketing and lead researcher for the new study. The new slimline trees are much more adaptable and allow decorators to display multiple trees throughout the home, rather than focus the Christmas tree celebration to one large area cleared for the occasion.”

Trends are already emerging as frontrunners for next year’s holiday. Here are some of the hot themes that are sure to be filling showrooms and ultimately the retail space in 2013.

Elegance & Luxury

As many are still battling recessionary woes, buyers are looking for styles that exude sophistication and luxury. “It’s okay to enjoy high style, rich details, luxurious finishes and sparkle,” Cherri Coe-Stephan, design manager, Midwest-CBK states. “Inspirations for this trend are luxury brands, fashion and hotels along with pampering ourselves and feeling like a VIP.”

Blurring the Seasonal Line

“More and more, we see customers’ seasonal décor become more blurred with their non-seasonal décor,” Sara Charlton, designer for Nutcracker Designs, says. “This is partly due to a desire to decrease clutter, partly due to tighter budgets. Our customers are looking for small seasonal investments but willing to purchase more non-seasonal décor that can be dressed up for the holiday.”

Eastern European Opulence

Festive gets an exotic flair as Christmas designers are embracing a Dr. Zhivago-inspired aesthetic. “Gallerie II is introducing a lot of pieces that are Russian-influenced with gold accents, jewel tones, and decadent materials,” Barbara Schlegel, marketing manager for Gallerie II/C&F Enterprises, says. “I’ve seen several color stories emerging that fit that niche as well – jewel tones, emerald paired with aubergine, gold and crimson.”

Rustic Redo

Design consultants bora.herke.palmisano will showcase holiday trend predictions at the 2013 Christmasworld show in Frankfurt, Germany, including its “Fantasy Forest” theme. The team is predicting that natural materials such as pine cones or acorns painted silver will lend an abstract, ethereal effect to holiday schemes. Lighter shades give products an elegant, discreet look: finely patterned glass and porcelain lend a gentle, feminine touch. Woolen fabrics and felts appear playful with colored lace, ribbons and trimmings. Schlegel agrees that rustic looks will be amplified in 2013. “Home crafted, natural and recycled materials with hints of pastel added will be popular,” she states.

Contrast for Christmas

Patience Brewster, of Patience Brewster, reveals that her 2013 line will feature saturated color and, as always, a cheery lightness that she hopes to bring to people at holiday time.  Midwest-CBK will also be rolling out a rich saturated color collection with attention to elegant details but deep in traditional motifs and trendy color accents of tangerine orange and fuchsia pink. “The color plum has continued again this year in fashion as well as holiday decorating,” Charlton admits. “We have mixed ours with touches of gold and pewter – which is becoming the new silver.”

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